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674 days ago

Heartwarming story of courage

This book really moved me. I love Bo's journey of self-discovery and my favourite part was the message at the end "no matter how small you are, you can achieve great things". I really hope it touches the souls of many little ones.

Bo, Zero to Hero (Rainbow Book 1)

Hugo Chandor, Sarah Norton, Gary Plant


716 days ago

An excellent insite to articles on Indian wildlife

An inspiration to observe wildlife and encourage people to consider the change and challenges of mans impact on nature.

My Native Land

M. Krishnan


Chris P reviewed East Wind
846 days ago

Good read but disjointed

I found there were too many characters and it was difficult to keep track of the narrative. However, on further reading there was a logic to this and all the strands came together at the end. I particularly liked the postcript mentioning what happened the characters after the story.

East Wind

Chris Ash


Firework night

I remember reading this book during the early 1970s as a 7-8year old.Roundabout the same period when making a dummy of guy fawkes to collect 'pennies for the guy',was a preoccupation of most boys and girls leading up to firework night....The book drew me in with its bitesized chunks of easily digested references to times past.The book is also a fond association,for me,of a time when children had different freedoms.

940 days ago

mums rcpca group can rescue the owls.

i love this book there are 4 owls in the farm .2 boys find the owls and tell there mum about them. there mum rings the rspca and they come to the house to rehome the baby owls.

Little Owl Needs a Home

Mongredien, Sue


1422 days ago

The Kids Adore This Book

An amazing and fun story with beautifully illustrated characters which compliment this very entertaining story so well. The kids really enjoy the fun expressions and it makes a really enjoyable read too. The nicely illustrated characters give the kids a giggle as they follow the story and the well defined sounds and moves of each of the characters are very engaging. The story is very light hearted and fun and is a fave with the kids (which is always a winner!)

Wendy the Wild Wolf

Emanuel, Jerome


1486 days ago

Great Pictures

Beautiful collection of photography of the Jesus and Mary Chain in the early days of the band, together with fascinating commentary by Jim Reid.
Lots of pictures not seen before. Great stuff.

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Reid, Jim, Reid, Julie, Catlin, Andrew


1543 days ago

A noble and brave story

A sequence of family tragedies led to Keith Lawton spending his childhood with a series of foster parents and in a notorious care home. Unable to deal with the abuses and cruelty he suffered, Keith locked his memories away, but he is haunted by nightmares. Years later, having built a successful career in the construction industry, Keith decides to find out about his past. As he discovers his case files, and the often heart-breaking notes written about him all those years ago, his memories emerge, and he begins to piece together a past where a little boy, vulnerable and alone, was failed by the system, over and over again. This is Keith’s story, honest, raw and heartfelt. It is a story of discovery, of hurt, and ultimately of healing, as Keith recounts his own past in the hope that it may help others to come to terms with their own.

Complicit in Silence

Lawton, Mr Keith


1654 days ago

Chorlton Pub Walks

This is the second in the series of books about Manchester Pubs, this one featuring Chorlton-cum-Hardy. It Is not a directory of opening times and different beers but more a "Stories behind the doors" of the people and places in Chorlton. 33 pubs and bars split into 6 walks with easy to read maps. Read it at home or do the walks. What more could you want.

Manchester Pubs - Chorlton-Cum-Hardy

Topping, Peter, Simpson, Andrew


1729 days ago

So helpful

I found this book very helpful, it explained things clearly, giving good advice on how to precede in all different aspects in preparing for interviews.
It gave many examples of classroom planning and how to get the best outcome, then after reading a chapter you could write your own thoughts.
My grandson will soon be applying for job interview to become a teacher and I am going to pass this book on to him as I know it will help him,