Frequently asked questions

What is NiceBooks?
NiceBooks is a free service offering to compare prices on new and used books. Our catalog is one of the biggest on the market, with millions of references available. Having systematically a look at NiceBooks before buying a book, you can be pretty sure to always find it at the best price !
Does NiceBooks sell books ?
NiceBooks does not sell directly books, it compare the prices from several merchants and proposes to buy from one of them.
I've got a question about an order I placed via NiceBooks…
NiceBooks does not sell directly books, it has just put you in touch with a merchant. NiceBooks has no legal link with this merchant, thus you have to directly contact him for any question about your order. If you don't remember which merchant you bought from, please have a look at your mailbox to find an email from the bookstore.
What is the NiceBooks search bar for?
It's just about adding a NiceBooks options to your browser search bar. In this way, you can at any moment make a book search directly from your browser, without having to go to first! Its installation is absolutely harmless for your computer, this is not a software but just a file that contains the name and the web address of the search engine.